Made some design changes to the website. Also edited a commercial earlier. It was a short 30 second spot that needed some minor dialog editing as well as music editing. It was fun but nothing like composing! This week in the studio I plan on continuing work on the next Better Beings album. Though we are toying with idea of releasing it in a series of EP’s. We hope to release the first by mid to late summer.


Updated the website with new orchestral cues on the music page. The three tracks uploaded are labeled by Genre. They are Epic, Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller. Here is the Action/Adventure cue:


This weekend Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors is premiering at the Zombillies Film Fest in Madison, WI!


Last week my band Better Beings released a new single called Whole. Check it out below:


My cue reel is now up to date with a clip from Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors. I'm been keeping busy in the new year learning some new things and getting prepared for some upcoming projects. I bought a clarinet last week so I have been having fun learning a new instrument. Maybe if all goes well I'll post a demo featuring some clarinet!


Happy Holidays! I've spent the last week working on the music for Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors. The music will be done by Monday! I've had a lot of fun doing the score. For the most part it is a very ambient electronic style which I have not really done before. There is a screening being planned sometime in the first part of 2014. More details TBA.

2013 has been a great year for me. I'm thankful for all the projects I was able to work on and I'm looking forward to a grander 2014. Happy New Years to everyone.


Last weekend I helped out with a film in a 72 hour film festival. I provided music and helped out in post production audio and sound design. It was a blast. We're gonna go over the film again with more time and care before we release it to the public. I've been spending a lot a time lately improving my production skills and learning more about working with video in Protools. And of course putting those skills to the test. Here is a recording I did today. I've never done anything with dubstep before so I tried this short experiment.


After getting some good feedback on my reel I've done a much shorter re-edit. I've cut things down to just three examples. Any feedback is appreciated!


A new episode of Turning Tricks is up! Check out episode eleven:


I have just put out an edit of my new cue reel. Check it out and any feedback is much appreciated!


Turning Tricks Episode 9 is out! This was an interesting episode to score as I had to go for a daytime TV vibe.


The last week in the studio has been very busy! I recorded ADR for a scene from the upcoming feature film Holed-Up. It was a fun session and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie as a whole. I've only seen the one scene! I've also been helping with sound design and composing the music for a web series called Turning Tricks. Here is the first episode I helped out on episode eight "Yippee Ki Yay":


The last week I've been working on some demo cues with the goal of getting as realistic sounds as possible using samples. Though I'd love to use actual people versus a computer unfortunately that is not always feasible. In order to get a believable sounding sample it takes a lot of time consuming programing on top of time consuming rerecording of the instruments once they are programed before I mix the cue. Here is one demo I did that has a odd march like feel.


It's been a busy week in the studio! I've been writing cues for an, as of yet, announced project. With luck I'll be able to announce more details soon. Hitman is showing this Thursday at the Bossanova Ballroom. It is being presented by Writer/Director Brian Butterfield as part of a RAW artist showcase.

I'm really enjoying the convenience of being able to actually use a microphone in the studio vs in the box recording. It is really changing the way I work and my recordings.


This week I have a couple of interesting projects to work on both of which of are things I do not normally do. I am repairing sound for a scene of a locally produced feature. It's been a good learning experience and its nice to see another facet of jobs in the film industry. After that I am designing some sound effects for a project for Brian Butterfield, the writer and director of Hitman. Hitman was the first film I that I did sound design for and I'm stoked to be working with Brian again.


I spent a fun weekend being the soundman on the set of Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors. That project just wrapped production so I'll be able to start composing the soundtrack soon! It's been nice being able to work in my studio again. One of the first projects that I worked on is called Guardian Angel directed by Travis Stanton who I worked with on Hitman(And he's the DP on Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors!). Guardian Angel is a short film composed of beautifully shot photo stills. Check it out below.


The new studio is up and running! There is still a few things here and there to do but I've been able to start working again. I'm really excited about the room. It has a lot of potential and gives me the ability to try things I have not been able to do in the past. The first night I got everything together I recorded a demo for fun to get a feel for the room. It is a section a Fur Elise that I played on guitar and embellished here and there.


Another redesign of the website! Got some good feedbackand made some changes. Been busy over the last month. I've been working on cues for Sun Tzu Zombie Warriors plus I'm in the process of moving. My Home studio will be better in the new place since I'll actually be able to record live drums. Hitman was featured recently at the Uh-Oh Film Festival and that was fun to see.I'll be going to another screening featuring Hitman and another short I scored, Has Been Island, on June 8th along with some other films at 5th Ave Cinema.